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wewydressing's Journal

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The World Ends With You Dressing Room
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The World Ends With You Dressing Room
Rules, Notes, and Warnings


Like other dressing room communities, this is a completely freeform RP community where you can join with ANY journal with ANY World Ends With You character - no applications, no expectations, no nothin. Said character can be in another RP (or even other dressing rooms!), no problemmo. All muses welcome; none rejected; no plot, no worries, no meaning. So get out there and remember: the world ends, and begins, with you.

· THIS COMM IS SPOILERRIFFIC. If you have not at the VERY least beaten the mainline game, be WARNED that there may be MASSIVE SPOILERS. If you don't want spoilers, hang back and wait to join until you've beaten it. The comm will still be here when you've finished the game ^_^

· No drama, no wank. This comm is for silliness and fun; drama and wank will NOT be tolerated. Take it outside guys, not here.

· There are GOING to be character multiples. Sometimes a LOT of them. Sometimes interacting at the same time. This is perfectly normal and expected: don't get bent out of shape if you're the only Minamoto around. In terms of what's ALLOWED... anything. Genderbents, little kids, older versions, alternate universe versions, we even allow Original Characters - though in the case of OCs, PLEASE try to keep it reasonable.

· You may only join/post with in-character journals. No personal journals, please (though if you want to watch the comm with those, that's fine).

· NO GODMODING. Just no. Kthxbai.

· Re: Adult Content Please be keeping most posts around R and below. No pr0nz. you want pr0nz, take it to AIM or to your own personal journals. Content above PG-13 should be put under a cut and marked as such - and if you're unsure, do the whole "adult content" marker thing.

· IC CONVOS ONLY PLZ If you want to talk about the game OOCly or such, please go to subarashiki_ds. That's why they're around.

· If you have an OOC question, please go to our OOC community, oocwewyroom to ask it. This community is also for meeting other players, any memes you want to post (do NOT overdo this), and Want Ads for characters.

·If you have a problem/concern for the mods that you don't want other people to know about, post here.

· Want to affiliate? Well, we LOVE affiliates! Post here to affiliate with us.

· Above all? HAVE FUN. That's what this is FOR. And remember:

It's a wonderful world; and it ends, and begins, with you.
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