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Aug. 15th, 2010

I guess you're supposed to stay in one place when you're lost and wait for someone to find you. At least that's what they teach in school. If you see a policeman talk to him, and don't go with any suspicious people, especially if you're just a girl.

So I guess what I wonder is how good all that advice really is, at least in a case like this. I don't think I'm all that lost, but I'm not in my place, and don't they say there's a place for everything? I'm not in it, I guess.

But if you know where you are, how lost can you be? Maybe if you only know part of where you are, then it's a problem. Like, I could say right now, I'm in Shibuya. But it's not quite right, is it?

So I guess, is someone around to find me?



Mar. 4th, 2010

...Anybody still here? [there's a Neku at Hachiko]

[[*attempts to revive dressing room!*]]

...is this another Shibuya? I've met a person named Joshua...I've seen Neku (Who looked surprised to see me--I'm not sure of why right now...)

The Joshua I met says, though, that there are multiple versions of us in this place...So...

...I know thats not possible but I have to ask anyway (curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back, after all); Who's here in this place, exactly?
[Comes in through a door and blinks at the large--but quiet--place. She had hoped that opening a door would find someone familiar, but...]

...Hello? Is anyone here?


Beat? Shiki? Neku? Are any of you here?

...I should have thought about things before opening that door...you have to look before you leap...

[looks around her for a minute before nodding to herself and starting off to explore]

((OOC: I bring you a Rhyme formerly from an RP that died off from inactivity. D: There, she was post-game, so I guess this one is post game too? *Sweatdrop* First time in a dressingroom--please don't hurt me!))

Shibuya...? But it shouldn't...

... oh, I see. This must be another world. Now it makes sense.

(( Here, have another Joshua. But I'm not going to spoil the fun and just tell you what's up with this one. Though it should be easy enough to convince it out of him... ))
[There's a Neku in the middle of the Scramble Crossing. He looks kind of disorientated- just woke up for the beginning of a week, probably- but he's getting up to speed, and in fact noticing that things are not quite right.]

…Where're the crowds? Not that I'm complaining, but…

[ooc: *waves* Trying to get a hang of things. He's post-first week, but I might be fiddling… Lemme know if something seems off, please?]



...My, my. Things have changed since I was last here, haven't they?

Gee, it sure is Joshua around here.

[Another one of everyone's favorite (?) smarmy kid has found himself in a Shibuya that's definitely not his Shibuya.  It's not that he's annoyed or anything but...well, he likes to be the one calling the shots, really.  This is just unnecessary.  Glancing around, he recognizes the location as the 104 Building.  Alright, then.  Sighing, he whips his phone from his pocket, thumb dancing across the keys as he sends a text to everyone on his contact list...that being, er, everyone.  One of the pros of being Composer, you get to know these things.]

''Reach 104.  You have 20 minutes.  Fail, and face erasure.

-The Reapers."

[There.  He doubted anyone would be dumb enough to actually believe it was a legit mission - never trust the same trick to work twice -  but it was more fun than just asking for information.]

((Sup!  Post-game Joshua here, directed here by, er, another Joshua.  Because we all need moar Joshua.))


Yo man, one Yuu-Gee is enough, the world ain't big enough for two! 'Specially if it's somewhere I ain't heard of! There's gotta be a way outta here...

Awwwright! Who's a guy gotta fight to go home?!


[Everyone's favorite private dick extraordinaire is sitting just outside of the Ramen Don, taking his sweet time finishing off a lovely bowl of Shio ramen. After a few strands, he sticks the end of a chopstick in his mouth, chewing it thoughtfully.]

At this rate, I might lose my sense of perspective. How terrible.

[[ooc: aaaaaaaugh this boy. Some non-Paradisan interaction is needed, methinks. =o]]